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KK Hui is a Chartered Engineer, a professional Telecommunication Engineer, educated and worked in the UK between 1967 and 1986. His work brought him across the Atlantic to work for Nortel in Toronto, Canada for the following two years. He returned to Hong Kong in 1988 to work for Hong Kong Telecom in the area of digital telephony switching and later on Internet/ iTV technologies.


KK Hui has devoted much of his time since 1996 to photographing the wetland bird of Hong Kong with commitment and passion. Now he has set himself a challenge to become the best bird photographer. His photographs speak for themselves. Hui was admitted to ARPS, Associate, in September 2001 and subsequently FRPS, Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society, in April 2005. He earned the highest Distinction of the Royal Photographic Society in the Nature Category specializing in Avian Photography.

He sees photography as an art allowing the photographer to 'paint' the awesomeness of what he sees in nature; color, lighting and composition in his unique style. Capturing these beautiful and graceful creatures on film is extremely challenging and rewarding, he said. Hui has no formal training on ornithology in fact but have picked up a good knowledge on migratory birds, their behavior and characteristics, through reading books and by observations in the field.

His works on Avian Photography have appeared in the Hong Kong 2001 Stamp Exhibition [Feb 2001] on their Special Stamp Presentation Pack and [Oct 2001 - 16 March 2002] in the Nature Imprint Exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. More recently, some of his best images on the Black-winged Stilt were adopted by Environment Australia for the publication of large poster "Shorebirds Networking The Flyway". These posters are being distributed through out South East Asia countries, Australia and New Zealand as part of the Asia-Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy 2001 - 2005 project. One of his Black-faced Spoonbill photos makes it to become the cover shot of the book "Results of the Asian Waterbird Census: 1997-2001" published by Wetland International in April 2004.

KK Hui was invited to become one of the moderators for the Birds Forum in NatureScapes.Net since June 2004. His bird photographs appear in The Shorebird Guide by Michael O'brien, Richard Crossley and Kevin Karlson in 2006.

It was in early 2008 KK Hui avian work was published in a hardcover book entitled “On Feathered Wings: Birds in Flight” in collaboration with six other world renowned bird photographers.  

In September 2009 he was awarded the GOLD medal for ‘Pied Avocet’ and a HIGHLY COMMENDED for ‘Northern Pintail’ images in the Nature Digital category, The Royal Photographic Society 2009 International Projected Image Exhibition.




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